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Back & Body Wash Band

Back & Body Wash Band

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  • Designer Quality. XL 4.5 x 45 inches double-stitch for quality and durability. Reaches every inch of your body. Exclusive Honey Comb weave fabric delivers perfect exfoliation for all skin types. 100% natural wood massaging beads designed in a generous 45" long sash with wide handles.
  • Unique features: Refillable Soap Saver pocket. 100% natural wooden beads delivers a muscle soothing message while exfoliating!!!
  • Recommended by top dermatologist. Can be used wet or dry to soothe itchy skin. Dries quickly and is self-cleaning. Compact and lightweight. Perfect for travel or your gym bag. To clean just rinse. Dries quickly-antibacterial.
  • Exfoliate away rough, dry skin. Target eczema and acne. Reveal healthy glowing tight skin from head to toe!!!
  • Free Bar of Soap. Makes an exceptional gift for any occasion! Arrives in a beautiful beige satchel

Exfoliation is the secret to youthful fresh smelling skin. You'll feel remarkably radiant and refreshed when using this artisanal Italian-designed exfoliating sash. Soothe and pamper yourself by buffing dead dry skin away. Begin your spa experience by inserting your favorite soap in the patented refillable soap saver pocket. Add water to the Wash Band. Hold handles and glide the Wash Band across your face, body, back, legs or any hard to reach areas. Indulge in a rich luxurious lather that will leave your skin soft and rejuvenated. When finished, simply rinse then hang dry.

We are dedicated to bringing you a product that has lasting value... quality, and craftsmanship. Lasts a 1,000 washes!